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Ajay Tandon brings more than 15 years of experience in the financial service industry, and considerable experience advising, structuring transactions and raising capital for small-cap public and private enterprises to his role as chief executive officer and director of research at SeeThruEquity. Tandon cofounded Emissary Capital, a private investment firm focused on micro-cap investment banking. Previously, Tandon served as vice president of equity capital markets at Maxim Group LLC, a New York City-based, full-service investment banking firm. Prior to his role at Maxim, Tandon served as an executive for Dealogic plc, an analytics platform used by global and regional investment banks worldwide to help optimize performance and improve competitiveness. Tandon began his career in financial services as a management consultant with IBM Global Services, and earned his bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

Recent Quotes

"INNV reported 99% top line growth for its second quarter."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (8/22/17)
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"INNV recently released robust top-line results in Q1/17; revenues rose by 865% to $2.2M in Q1/17 versus $0.2M in Q1/16."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (5/26/17)
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— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (11/16/16)
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"HOTR has an impressive management team."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (9/11/15)
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"CYP's pursuit of off-the-shelf commercialization of therapeutic MSCs could be a game-changer."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (9/2/15)
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"NPHC has demonstrated impressive growth by expanding its portfolio of high-margin products."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (7/10/15)
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"RESX has a well-experienced management team."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (7/8/15)
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"DMPI observed dose-limiting toxicity in its VAL-083 clinical trial."

— Ajay Tandon, SeeThruEquity (3/2/15)
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