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Stephen Ireland, healthcare specialist and a principal with Roadmap Capital Inc., has been involved in the pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical and biotech industries for more than 25 years. He was the former senior vice-president business development at TransTech Pharma. Ireland managed transactions in 2006 and 2010 with Pfizer and Forest Laboratories, respectively, valued in excess of $2B. Ireland received his bachelor's degree in biological sciences with honors from Brock University, Ontario, Canada.

Recent Interviews

Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland: Due Diligence Rules in Biotech Investment (9/17/14)

Excellent diligence doesn't always mean you'll be saved from a nasty surprise. The nature of investing in biotech means assuming the risk that a therapeutic development program may fail. Roadmap Capital's Hugh Cleland and Stephen Ireland employ their combined financial expertise and biotech savvy to mitigate that risk. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Ireland share ideas on how investors might approach potential biotech investments without engaging a team of analysts. They also bring three potential high-return stocks to investors' attention, as well as one private name they anticipate will come to the public market soon.

Apply Market Savvy to Bear Market Debris; Uncover Biotech Treasures: Cleland and Ireland (3/20/14)

Starting a new investment company and investing in very small biotechs can be a minefield. Because the business is fraught with bad science and liquidity traps, it takes insight and industry experience to ensure investment capital doesn't drop down a foxhole. Roadmap Capital CEO and Founder Hugh Cleland is in the process of negotiating the minefield now. In this interview with The Life Sciences Report, Cleland and Stephen Ireland, Roadmap Capital principal and healthcare partner, discuss five growth names with merit, plus two brief bonus picks.

Recent Quotes

"BLU's confirmatory Phase 3 study has a very good probability of showing positive results."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Stephen Ireland (9/17/14)
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"Positive clinical data will make CTH's APL-130277 a very attractive asset for specialty pharma or large pharma."

The Life Sciences Report Interview with Stephen Ireland (3/19/14)
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