Justin Anderson

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Justin Anderson is an equity analyst at Mawer Investment Management. Previously he worked for Desjardins as an oil & gas research analyst. He is the founder of the research company Xedge, which specialized in rigorous stochastic analysis of oil and gas exploration portfolios. Previously, he worked as an oil & gas research analyst for Salman Partners prior to which he was an oil & gas investment banking analyst at BMO Capital Markets and an energy business analyst at McKinsey & Co. Anderson completed a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Russian studies at the University of Calgary. He then completed a Master of Science in aeronautical engineering at MIT, with his research and thesis focus on energy economics. While at MIT, Justin founded and commercialized a high-tech company called Waybe and was an executive chair of the MIT Energy Club.

Recent Quotes

"If MMT's Umugini pipeline gets commissioned, production goes past 20,000 bbl/d and the losses are cut to under 5–10%, that would be a positive thing for the stock, there's no question."

The Energy Report Interview with Justin Anderson (2/27/14)
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