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Reliq Health Technologies Inc.

Reliq Health is a digital health company that provides innovative SaaS solutions to the $100 billion Virtual Care market. Reliq's proprietary iUGO Care platform supports Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine, Chronic Care Management, Transitional Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration. The company has over 50 clients in the US, Australia and Canada. Reliq expects to achieve cash flow positive in Q1 2021 and profitability in Q2 2021, with gross margins over 75% and EBITDA margins over 45%.

Expert Comments:

Reliq Health Technologies reported the addition of four new skilled nursing facility customers in the southern U.S. and announced plans to expand its Care Management Team to meet the growing demand for Care Management Services.
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Reliq Health Technologies reported it entered into a new contract with a physician practice in Florida to provide its iUGO Care platform to over 25 skilled nursing facilities statewide.
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Reliq Health Technologies reported financial results for Q2/21 that demonstrated significant increases in quarterly revenues and gross margins; management expects to achieve profitability in the quarter ending June 30, 2021.
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Reliq Health Technologies reported it signed a new agreement with a Texas-based nephrology clinic to provide its iUGO Care platform to patients with chronic kidney disease.
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Reliq Health introduces iUGO Home services and just added a care management network in California with 50 clinics and over 500 physicians.
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Reliq Health Technologies reported it signed a new contract with a care management network for its iUGO Care platform to deliver customized healthcare to senior citizens in the Asian-American community throughout California.
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iDocsWeb reported it formed a strategic partnership with Reliq Health Technologies to offer that firm's iUGO Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health solutions platforms to its U.S. customers.
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Reliq Health Technologies launched a multilingual interactive voice recognition product called iUGO Care IVR and has contracted with a Maryland physician practice to offer the service to patients speaking Russian and English.
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Clive Maund, CliveMaund.com

"After surging to a peak at C$0.55 over a week ago, we have seen a normal reaction back by Reliq Health Technologies Inc. on declining volume. Two days ago a bullish hammerlike candle appeared on the chart with the Accumulation line holding up nicely, which alerts us to this correction having probably run its course. The slight drop today on very low volume is interpreted as a sign that it is ready to turn higher again now or very soon, and it is therefore rated an immediate buy."

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Clive Maund – CliveMaund.com

Company News

6/10/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. to Present at Lytham Partners Summer 2021 Conference

6/1/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Files Q3 FY2021 Financial Statements, Provides Corporate Update

5/26/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces that it has Resumed Onboarding at Remote Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers as US COVID Cases Drop

5/6/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces New Skilled Nursing Facility Clients, Expansion of Care Management Team

4/28/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces Implementation of FHIR Standard for Interoperability to Address New CMS Regulations, Hires New Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

4/21/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces Two New Contracts with US Nephrology Clinics

4/13/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces Two New Orthopedic Practice Contracts in the US

4/7/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces New Contract with Orthopedic Practice in Texas

3/19/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies Inc. to Present at Lytham Partners Spring 2021 Investor Conference

3/16/2021 – Reliq Health Technologies, Inc. Announces New Contract with a Physician Practice in Florida to Provide iUGO Care to over 25 Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Investing Highlights
Reliq has first mover advantage in the $100 Billion Community Care market
The Company expects to achieve profitability by the end of June 2021
Reliq expects consistent month over month revenue growth every month through 2021 and beyond
catalyst Calendar
New contracts expected every quarter
Cashflow positive by end of March, 2021
Profitability by end of June 2021