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ProMIS Neurosciences Inc.

ProMIS Neurosciences is a development stage biotechnology company whose unique core technology is the ability to rationally predict the site and shape (conformation) of novel targets known as Disease Specific Epitopes (DSEs) on the molecular surface of proteins. In neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimerís, ALS and Parkinsonís disease, the DSEís are misfolded regions on otherwise normal proteins. In the infectious disease setting, these disease-specific epitopes represent peptide antigens that can be used as an essential component to create accurate and sensitive serological assays to detect the presence of antibodies that arise in response to a specific infection, such as COVID-19.

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ProMIS Neurosciences offered its perspective on the latest progress in the Alzheimer's/Amyloid field. The firm stated that two recent positive events support the case for PMN310 to be considered "best in class."
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ProMIS Neurosciences discusses its four priority areas in 2021.
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Clive Maund, CliveMaund.com

"This is a good point for ProMIS Neurosciences Inc.'s stock to start advancing again. . .the reason for us taking an interest in it here is that, given the proximity of support, we can place a fairly close stop to take us out if the support fails, which means that we have a favorable risk/reward ratio because the upside is relatively unlimited. The company is therefore rated an Immediate Buy here."

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Clive Maund – CliveMaund.com
John Vandermosten, CFA – Zacks Small-Cap Research

Company News

6/8/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences congratulates Biogen on FDA accelerated approval of aducanumab for Alzheimer's disease

5/27/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences appoints renowned scientist, Dr. David Wishart as Chief Physics Officer

5/25/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences initiates commercialization of COVID-19 serology assay

5/21/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences re-initiates path to IND for PMN310 with producer cell line development

5/19/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences appoints accomplished biotechnology executive, Neil Warma, to its Board of Directors

5/14/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences Announces First Quarter 2021 Results

5/12/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences appoints renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, as Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

3/31/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences Announces Fiscal Year 2020 Results

3/22/2021 – ProMIS Neurosciences Completes US$7M (CDN$8.75M) Financing with Distinguished Group of Boston Based Investors

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Investing Highlights
Unique tech. platform creates highly selective antibodies for root cause of Alzheimerís, ALS and Parkinsonís
2nd generation PMN 310, anticipated to show significant advantages in efficacy & safety vs Biogenís 1st to market aducanumab in Alzheimerís
Unique platform supports development of highly sensitive & specific blood test for antibodies specific for COVID-19
catalyst Calendar
Potential successful serological antibody test for COVID-19 (end June 2020); expansion of current co
Potential collaborations with pharma partners/patient associations forALS, Parkinsonís disease (comi
Anticipated approval of Biogenís aducanumab for AD, rolling BLA ongoing, news expected around end Q3
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