Allied Copper Corp.

Allied Copper’s mission is to acquire and develop long-life, scalable copper assets with a focus on Western United States.
With the three-sided amalgamation completed, trading in Allied Copper shares is set to resume on the TSX Venture Exchange on Thursday, Nov. 4.
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Experts Following This Company

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Michael Ballanger, Gold Industry Consultant

Company News 

1/11/2022 – Allied Copper Receives MMI Soil Sample Results For SK Property, Eastern Nevada, USA

12/7/2021 – Allied Copper Signs Option Agreement To Acquire 100% of Klondike Property, CO, USA

11/4/2021 – Allied Copper Completes RTO and Commences Trading on the TSX-V

10/27/2021 – Allied Copper Announces Completion of Reverse Takeover Transaction

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Investing Highlights
Recognized Tier 1 Jurisdiction - Nevada is recognized as a top global mining jurisdiction1, with an experienced work force and a history of supporting resource development
Global demand for copper - continues to increase as the driving industries keep growing due to a rising population and the proliferation of green technologies
Present copper price is over $4.50 US per lbs.
Dedicated team - Leveraging managements technical and operational track record
Growth oriented with a focus on technically sound exploration and development assets
Management and advisors have diverse backgrounds including engineering, geological and Investment Banking
catalyst Calendar
Planned RTO – mid May
Initial Program – July
Phase 2 – September/October