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My name is Penny, and I am an investor who does her own independent analysis of every company that I invest in (as well as many, many companies that donít make the cut). Above all else, I am a mom, and I am passionate about my work as a fire lieutenant and making the world a better place. I hold a bachelors degree in business and am currently working on my masters degree in management through the extension school at Harvard University. I've owned several businesses and live on a 10-acre farm just outside of Seattle.

Eighteen months ago, I started with a nest egg of $329k from the sale of a side business, which I wanted to grow in order to provide financial security for my family. I decided that I was only going to invest in companies that improve the world in some way. To me, this is mostly clean tech with some disruptive technologies and biotech companies mixed in. I started publishing my research on social media and managed to reach my personal goals while creating a powerful community of over 10,000 like-minded investors along the way. Within a year, my net worth was over $6 million.

Since the beginning of this year, my picks have averaged over a 100% return. I never accept any money from anyone for my research, and my picks and strategies are completely transparent.

Recent Articles

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Since hitting the market on November 10, 2022, ASP Isotopes has been busy and has now announced a US$675 million-dollar contract. Expert Penny Queen shares this news and reviews why she still believes this company is worthwhile.

Clean Nuclear Med Tech With Quantum Blue Sky 11/09/2022

With MedTech ASP Isotopes hitting NASDAQ tomorrow, expert Penny Queen reviews the company to tell you why she believes it is worth your attention.

Expert Expects Life Science Co. To Do Exceptionally Well 08/15/2022

Avivagen is an early-stage life sciences company with a patented product for immune support that causes dramatic and profitable improvements in livestock. They have been increasing their sales and market penetration at a dramatic rate, and I believe them to be at an inflection point. Research coverage is expecting a 7x return.

Undervalued Uranium Producer Set to Break Out 03/14/2022

Uranium is a cyclical commodity, but unlike most commodities, it is more of a feast or famine situation. Penny Queen says the table is set, and she can smell the food.

3 Products Behind The Rise of This Clean-Water Tech Co. 02/01/2022

In an article for Streetwise Reports, Penny Queen explains how environmental engineering company, BioLargo Inc., is on track to "make shareholders' portfolios better."

Investor Says Clean Energy Stock Set to Move 01/19/2022

PennyQueen explains why you should care about Jericho Energy Ventures Inc.'s announcement that it has led the investment into a company developing a new class of hydrogen electrolyzer.

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PennyQueen explains why she thinks this uranium explorer is a great pick and why the metal should have an especially auspicious season.

This Pharmaceutical Company Has a Brilliant Concept 01/17/2022

Algernon Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage, small biotech that boasts a massive pipeline of lower risk and efficient drugs. Catalysts abound with this genius repurposing company.

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