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Drilling at South Dakota Asset Returns High Gold Grades
Research Report

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Results suggest the recently discovered zone there could be a "ledge," like those mined at a past-producing project in the same historic gold district, noted a Canaccord Genuity report.

Dakota Gold Corp.'s (DC:NYSE American) latest batch of drill results from the newly discovered JB zone at its Maitland project in South Dakota are positive, reported Canaccord Genuity analyst Peter Bell in an Aug. 3 research note.

"We believe the new JB gold zone could be Dakota's most significant discovery to date," Bell wrote.

86% Implied Return

Consequently, Canaccord reiterated its US$5.50 per share target price on the South Dakota-based gold explorer, currently trading at about US$2.96 per share, noted Bell. This price gap reflects a potential return for investors of 86%.

Dakota Gold remains a Speculative Buy.

High Grades Present

Of the new JB zone results, according to Bell, the highlights come from hole MA23C-022, a stepout placed downdip from previously drilled discovery hole MA23C-017. MA23C-022 returned 7.2 meters (7.2m) of 8.81 grams per ton (8.81 g/t) gold, including 5m of 19.55 g/t gold.

This was in the Homestake formation, host of the 40,000,000-plus ounce Homestake gold deposit about 5 kilometers to the south.

These new findings further indicate that the JB zone is wide and mineralization is high grade.

New hole MA23C-022 and previously drilled hole MAC23C-017 both "suggest a thickened zone of mineralized iron formation, similar to the 'ledges' mined in the old Homestake mine," Bell wrote. "If additional drilling demonstrates JB is a new ledge, we believe Dakota could quickly advance it from initial discovery to a substantial, high-grade deposit."

Next To Be Drilled

Dakota has finished drilling the JB zone using widely spaced holes, so it will follow up with drilling narrowly spaced holes, reported Bell.

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