How Hollywood Sells the Electric Car


"New documentary covers a rarely discussed topic: The delicate dance between Hollywood and Detroit."

Hollywood Reporter, M.G. Lord

Documentary filmmaker Chris Paine's 2006 movie posed a question: Who Killed the Electric Car? At the time, the answer was GM. But that was five years ago and things change, especially if a cataclysmic recession comes along, altering the rules of the game and the attitudes of its players. Paine's new movie, Revenge of the Electric Car, recounts the bumpy journey of four men—one private mechanic and three top car executives—to bring sexy electric vehicles to market. But because the film takes place at a time of economic turmoil—when Hollywood felt the loss of car-ad dollars and $4-plus a gallon gas prices undermined the SUV—it also reveals a rarely discussed topic: the delicate dance between Hollywood and Detroit.

Now that American automakers have done an about-face on electric cars, with GM's Volt named Motor Trend's 2011 Car of the Year and the Ford Focus Electric on its way to market, Hollywood's role as a tastemaker will be in the spotlight. . .View full article

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