Solar Energy Gets Brighter


"Incredible advances in solar technology are now underway."

The future of solar energy is getting brighter and brighter with help from incredible advances currently underway in some of the nation's leading laboratories.

In fact, a generation from now, solar energy technology is likely to reach levels of efficiency and flexibility that will make today's products pale in comparison. For example, some researchers are using nanotechnology to experiment with materials that will allow almost any part of a building to contain photovoltaic materials capable of generating clean energy.

A handful of companies have even been working on orbiting solar energy arrays that could be capable of beaming the power they generate back to earth, reducing the need for land and other development hurdles.

With this in mind, a report from the International Business Times features some technological advances that will mark major milestones for the solar energy industry in their own right.

Specifically, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have reportedly found a way to generate solar energy using chemicals comparable to those used by plants for photosynthesis—a method that could be far more efficient than current photovoltaic technology.

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