Natural Gas Prices


"History repeating again?"

Natural gas (NG) prices have been in decline since the start of this year from $6/MMBtu to $3.883/MMBtu last Friday mainly due to capacity build up. Here is the natural gas price chart since 2005:

Nat gas prices

Let us look at the chart in more detail.

Long-Term Trend: During the five-year span, NG prices went up to $14+/MMBtu twice: during the end of 2005 and in the middle of 2008, a two and half year span. If history repeats, we may see another major NG price run up next year. Another $14? It is a possibility.

Short-Term Trend: The NG price had a major run-up from September to December last year. After it set an all-time low of $2.50 on September 1, 2009, it went up to as high as $6. in Decemberó a 140% increase. This year's low (so far) was also set on September 1 at $3.70. It closed at $3.88 last Friday. We may see the near-term momentum change during the next few months. History repeating again?

If we assume that the natural gas price bottomed at these price levels, which stocks may benefit from natural gas bull runs?

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