Gold Market Update


"Gold is within striking distance of breaking out to new highs."

In the last update, we were looking for gold to turn lower. It did turn lower and dropped quite heavily back to its 200-day moving average. However, it has risen all the way back up again and is now within striking distance of breaking out to new highs.

On its 1-year chart, we can see how gold has been rising steadily for four straight weeks now to arrive at a zone of substantial resistance approaching its highs. This fact alone signifies it likely will pause beneath the highs, and possibly react slightly before it can break out to new highs. However, the steady nature of gold's rise over the past four weeks has prevented it from becoming seriously overbought—so it has the capacity to break out to new highs even now, though a pause to consolidate/react is thought more likely first. Moving averages are very positively aligned, which bodes well for a breakout to new highs leading to a significant upleg over the medium term.


Earlier it had looked like a head and shoulders (H&S) top may be forming in gold—especially as silver, for a time, looked extremely vulnerable until its sharp breakout last week. But now this danger is thought to have passed, especially with the chart as it now—any right shoulder in gold would be lopsided and disproportionate. Other evidence suggesting that gold is destined to go on to break out to new highs includes the very bullish appearance of a wide range of individual stock charts, especially those that feature completed pan and handle (P&H) bases (a number of which have been written up on the site over the past couple of days) and also the dollar, which is looking vulnerable here after its recent rally. A further factor that we should not overlook is that September is, seasonally, the strongest time of year for gold.

Fundamentally, the main case for gold is the outlook for continued debasement of currencies—not just the dollar but most currencies as they compete in a "race to the bottom." While powerful deflationary forces do indeed lurk beneath the surface—especially in the U.S.—which are manifesting in the form of falling house prices and high unemployment, governments intent on survival and the prolongation of personal positions of privilege, can be expected to attempt to hold them back for as long as possible by means of money creation. This is particularly true of the U.S. where the medicine for massive debt and attendant liquidity problems is more quantitative easing (QE), monetization of the Treasury market and suppression of interest rates for as long as they can get away with it.

All of this is, of course, good news for gold and silver prices and commodity prices in general. Silver's breakout last week—assuming it was genuine—was a sign that deflationary forces, which had come close to forcing another collapse, are being beaten back again.


Our long-term chart for gold shows it continuing to march higher with further upside potential at least to the top of the channel shown. Perhaps one of the oddest things about this bull market to date is that there has been virtually no public participation, with the ordinary Joe remaining skeptical of gold, even though it has risen by a highly impressive factor of 5x in 10 years. What does it take to impress him and get him interested, 50x? Stick around another 10 years and that might not seem so funny.


We had earlier thought that the dollar's breakout from its severe downtrend implied a major reversal, which, of course, it would have if deflation had gained the upper hand; but now with silver having broken out and gold looking perky, it is looking decidedly fragile and vulnerable here as it stutters near its falling 50-day moving average. So the recent rally may have been little more than a short-covering panic initiated by its being deeply oversold near a rising 200-day moving average and fueled by panic short covering once the move gained momentum. Thus, it is thought that the dollar could go into severe decline again soon, which is logical if the drugged-up patient is going to be administered another heavy dose of the QE medicine soon.

Gold Market Update

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