Iraq Oil Flow to Turkey on Hold Since Sunday


"Sabotage south of Mosul city is a possible cause for the halt."

The flow of crude oil from Iraq's Kirkuk oil fields to Turkey's Mediterranean export terminal of Ceyhan was still on hold Tuesday, the fifth day running, two Middle East shipping agents said.

"They haven't yet resumed pumping," one shipping agent told Dow Jones Newswires by phone from Ceyhan.

Pumping via the 970-kilometer long pipeline has been stopped since Thursday night and the shipping agents said it was thought to the result of sabotage south of the Iraqi restive Mosul city.

The incident is the second in less than two weeks.

Iraq oil officials were not available for comments.

Iraq usually pumps an average of 480,000 barrels a day, or around a quarter of its total oil exports, through the northern pipeline to customers in Turkey and Europe, but in July moved only 374,000 barrels a day because of attacks.

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