Poll: Asian Investors Most Likely to Buy Gold


"In North America, just 11% confirmed they might purchase gold."

A new survey has revealed that investors in Asia are more likely to buy gold in the next six months than those in Europe and North America.

The Ipsos poll, which involved 18,594 respondents, saw one-quarter of participants say they were somewhat or very likely to purchase gold for investment purposes, Reuters reports.

Three-quarters of the Indian and Indonesian investors said they were likely to buy gold, with over half of Chinese respondents saying the same.

In North America, just 11% confirmed they might purchase gold, while 7% of European investors did so.

Meanwhile, 47% of all participants in the poll said they were looking to invest in gold for wealth protection purposes, with 53% wanting to make a profit from the precious metal.

"When you have half of the people deciding to put forward their gold as speculation, and the other half deciding to put it in a defensive position, maybe that is just mirroring what's going on out there," report author John Wright commented.

Popular ways to buy gold include purchasing coins and bars made from the metal.

Sales of gold coins in particular soared earlier this year amid concerns over Greece's economy and the general state of the eurozone's finances.

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