Alberta Tar Sands Fight Sees Tourism Boycott


"'Rethink Alberta' advises that Canada's oil is world's dirtiest."

A coalition of international environmental activists have pushed a tourism boycott as a means to stop the expansion of oil sands developments through.

The success of a boycott relies completely on how many people "buy into" the campaign. A recent coalition boycott of Canada's forestry industry resulted in an agreement to substantially protect Canada's boreal forests.

This week, a bold and brazen international campaign against the Alberta tar sands developments was launched by a coalition of ten non-profit organizations. Corporate Ethics International said it was asked to lead the

". . .International Tar Sands Oil Campaign. This is a multimillion dollar, multi-year effort aimed at stopping the expansion of what has been labeled "the most destructive energy project on earth.""

There are several campaigns against the Alberta tar sands and one of those sub-campaigns targets tourism to Alberta. Called Rethink Alberta, the sub-campaign advises the public that Canada has the world's dirtiest oil. People are urged people to sign a pledge that says: "I pledge not to visit the province of Alberta until the Alberta Government does the following:
  1. Halts the expansion of the Tar Sands.
  2. Stops spending millions of dollars on public relations campaigns designed to keep the United States addicted to dirty Tar Sands oil.
  3. Takes meaningful steps to transition its economy away from dirty Tar Sands oil to clean energy alternatives."
Claiming the tar sands are a disaster on a scale as great as BP's GOM gusher, the coalition accused the Government of Alberta of rubber-stamping new developments without requiring companies to undertake thorough environmental assessments.

Unfortunately, due to a federal Conservative omnibus bill, passed by the Senate Monday, it is now easier for corporations to exploit Canada's natural resources because the government has reduced the scale and scope of required environmental assessments.

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