The Bearish Bull


"I am discussing an essential reason for gold to go up."

I have taken some excerpts from our new GoldOz newsletter service to construct this article. Even the hedge funds boys are reportedly dazed by market action after their worst performance in 18 months during May. Has it been difficult to assess the markets this year? No, it has been extremely hard. This is firstly because of the political and regulatory changes that are clouding the picture. The second difficulty is that we are transitioning into a new financial world, and I do not say this lightly.

Take Greece, for example, where there are riots in the streets and default hangs directly overhead. They need strong growth to provide an economy that can pay back debt and thereby overcome chronic deficits. Yet SME's (small to medium enterprises) have only been able to borrow 85M in the past six months to end June this year, and at a whopping 22% average interest rate. In 2009, by contrast, they borrowed 900M.

Changes are part of the system and quite normal. What we refer to is different, I assure you. In general terms, most people are chronically bad at change; therefore the adjustment will be confusing and painful for many. What was the old "normal," and why am I talking about this? It has huge ramifications for gold; that's why. I am discussing an essential reason for gold to go up and the timing of such an event.

Spot Gold Chart: Five Years/Weekly


Even more than that, I am examining the likely pathway because there is potentially a massive pothole ahead.

Gold in USD's looks vulnerable on a technical basis here so be careful. It is sitting in a bearish rising wedge as shown in this chart. The black overhead lines on price, RSI and MACD are showing a negative divergence, which has also crossed to the negative.

This may not play out in other currencies however the USD is the dominant currency as recognized by the international investment community. Unless we break above this rising wedge soon there is danger of a deleveraging induced sell off in gold, equities and anything else that has a bid. This year has marked exceptional volatility due to a gradual deleveraging process which could accelerate at any time if circumstances push the markets over the edge. If we break to the downside through that rising support line in under the gold price, we will have to look for likely support levels.

To ascertain what might cause such an event when the fundamentals are clearly in favour of gold, we have to look to the global debt markets. First of all what was the "old normal?"

People have been getting accustomed to a never-ending diet of debt issuance since Nixon reneged on the convertibility of USDs into gold on August 15, 1971. Since then, the money supply has exploded, along with unsustainable lifestyles as consumption was brought forward in time. Most consumers have bought the line that wealth can be borrowed and that you can live the lifestyle you want before you save or earn the money. They have bought the lie that debt will be there for the taking forever and that governments and central bankers will look after everything. No wonder we don't want to face any new reality, because we may have to look after ourselves now.

History also shows there was an earlier chapter from 1913 when the U.S. Federal Reserve was formed. Debt began to explode after 1913 after a remarkably stable 100 years where inflation was not a problem like it has been ever since.

The new beginning of a brave new world started in 2000. However, it accelerated with a downturn in late 2007 with a justified lack of confidence. By 2009, after unprecedented monetary inflation, the money supply began to contract. Liquidity has been steadily drying up ever since. Money supply has begun to contract because the world has maxed out its credit limits. So have the lenders, and now the great credit contraction begins.

This has the unfortunate potential to turn into the credit squeeze from hell, initially forcing massive deleveraging. This may be great for gold in the longer run because it sets up sovereign default scenarios which will severely damage confidence in global financial markets. We may make a great deal of money out of gold and eventually gold stocks; however, the social consequences are highly unfortunate.

In the short term, stagflation will be the inevitable result as some asset classes fall sharply (read: de-leveraging) while we simultaneously face rising interest rates. This last point often confuses investors; however, it will come to pass, baffling many and causing them to miss the best opportunities. This whole situation has profound influence on investing in the "new" economy as well as in gold stocks and gold.

The global bond markets have been influenced by huge bond and sovereign funds, which amass investor funds and play the bond markets. This has provided vital capital for corporations and governments alike as the debt bubble grew. This monstrous pool of capital is now starting to seek a new home, and the effect will be immense. We can take advantage of this capital wave as it seeks yield in a low-yield world.

To be clear, I am stating that I believe the debt crisis in Europe cannot do anything but spread, confirming the IMF's worst fears as they announce their forecast of 4.5% global growth this year. Their huge caveat and the massive growth assumptions made by governments startle this analyst. The largest sovereign funds have declared that bonds are dead due to the absurd volume of issuance due in the next few years. This is incredibly important because the capital flows and effects will be immense. Given that their past support for the debt markets is no longer palatable, it will be steadily withdrawn. It is beggar's belief to believe the cost of capital will not increase dramatically. Who is going to buy all that debt? More on this topic and Australian gold stocks is for subscribers only.

Good trading / investing.

Neil Charnock

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