Is Gold About to Rocket?


"Last week, we saw stocks move sharply higher."

Last week, we saw stocks move sharply higher as traders started to cover their short position. This added fuel to an already oversold market ready to bounce. Overall, volume was not that strong on the move up, which is a bearish sign. On Friday afternoon, we saw the SP500 continue to move into the $1,075 resistance level on very light volume. This indicates to me that buyers are not willing to pay these higher prices because the market has moved up so quickly and because it's trading at a resistance level.

I feel the market will gap higher on Monday, just like we saw on June 20/21, deep into a resistance level, and the big money will short the pop, sending it sharply lower.

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Gold looks to be shifting its momentum from a downtrend to an uptrend. It's forming a reverse head & shoulders pattern which is shown in the video posted below.

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Weekend Conclusion:

In short, it looks as thought the market is at a critical pivot point. We could see prices stall out here and continue the downtrend, or see strong buying step in sending prices higher in the equities market. We need to wait and see what type of price action unfolds in the coming days.

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