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"It was a non-stop selloff last week in equities. . ."

It was a non-stop selloff last week in equities as the SP500 sold down four days straight with a small move up on Friday. While investors were cashing out of stocks, we saw that money move into the big shiny yellow safe haven—gold.

I have put together a short video showing you how I see the market and what I think is likely to happen this week for gold, stocks and financials. But here is my Cole's Notes version in case you cannot view the video.

  • Long-term trend is up and I am currently long gold but feel a sharp correction could happen any day.
  • Price/Volume action on gold is bearish short term.
  • We took some money off the table on Friday into the strength.
  • I am protecting my long position using a stop around the $1,240 area.
  • I still like gold and hope it rallies, but if it turns around I will be in cash until the correction is over.

  • SP500 is currently oversold after its four day selloff
  • This index is trading deep into a support level
  • Financial sector and GS (Goldman Sachs) tend to lead the market and they performed well on Friday.
  • I feel the SP500 index is due for a solid 2%–3% bounce and possibly a 4%–6% rally
Vermeulen_GoldWatch my video for more detailed analysis and price levels:

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