Zimbabwe's New Platinum Mine Ready


"All global mining majors are now flocking to Zimbabwe."

Zimbabwe is all set to control the prices of platinum and several other metals with new mines coming up in the country very fast.

In fact, all global mining majors are now flocking to Zimbabwe as the country has rich untapped mines in several districts.

The recent diamond mine discovery in the country has also attracted several giants in diamond mining business. Till now a country with over 100000 per cent inflation, Zimbabwe is set to show the world its mineral wealth.

In a recent development, Zimbabwe will soon have a new platinum mine in the shape of the Unki facility in Shurugwi.

The mine, which will be the second-largest operation in the country after Zimplats, will commence production in the near future as its $447 million development project nears completion.

The mine will be capable of processing about 5,000 tons of platinum ore per day, while 2,000 tons of copper ore are already waiting to be milled.

Safety is a priority for any mining company and the company is working on providing the highest standards of safety measures before it can have the human resource base.

An initial start date of October has been set for the facility, which is a subsidiary of Anglo American.

The exploration and trial shaft for the Unki mine was completed in the 1980s and the project was originally scheduled to commence in 2007 after being announced four years earlier.

Anglo American has base metals, coal, diamonds, iron ore and platinum projects in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

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