The Oil Story No One Is Talking About


". . .scenario playing out in oil & gas exploration that will change the game forever."

Everywhere you turn these days, it seems there's a negative story about the oil exploration industry. And no doubt—some of the negativity is justified. But I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in something potentially more powerful.

I've uncovered a scenario playing out in the oil and gas exploration industry that will change the game forever. More importantly. . .I've also discovered a handful of companies poised to soar as a direct result of this developing story.

Now, you won't hear about any of this on the evening news broadcasts—and you won't read about it in your local paper. The best source of information, including specific instructions on how to take full advantage of this game-changing development is contained in a FREE report I've just prepared.

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This is called the Recycle Ratio—the netback over the finding and development costs. Investors should always ask the management teams what their recycle ratio is on their production!

This profitability is due to two factors:
  1. The heavy oil in Canada is shallow so it doesn't cost much to get out.
  2. U.S. refineries love Canadian crude, as Mexico and Venezuela heavy oil production declines; and that strong demand—even before BP's disaster—is keeping Canada's heavy oil prices strong.
And Canada has more of this oil than anyone else in the world. There is thought to be enough heavy oil and bitumen in North America to rival Saudi Arabia—estimated at more than 3 trillion barrels. Now, cold-flow oil is only a small part of this number, but the graphic below gives investors a sense of the immense value in the ground.

Global distribution of Conventional Crude Oil and Heavy Hydrodcarbons
Chart reference:

Yet only a few junior and intermediate producers focus on cold-flow heavy oil. I think that will change.

My subscribers just received a 12-page report detailing the opportunity, along with three junior producers who are growing their profitable heavy oil production quickly.

Like the liquid-rich or wet gas stocks I wrote about earlier this month, this energy sector is not well understood or recognized by retail investors. But, unlike those stocks, heavy oil stocks are not unloved. The analysts and funds have discovered their high profitability, and these stocks are rarely cheap on a valuation basis. But they do get rewarded quickly for their growth.

In addition, new technology is continually emerging to lower costs and increase profit margins—even a small per-barrel savings will leverage into huge profits due to the colossal size of these deposits.

Investors will see countless new opportunities to profit for many years as this massive Canadian resource gets developed.

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