APEC Pushes for Renewable Energy


"Renewable energy technologies are declining in cost."

Renewable energy technologies are declining in cost but continued efforts are required to further reduce this, according to energy ministers from the 21-country Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

Solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy for electricity, and biofuels for transport, are diversifying energy supply, and energy ministers urged "continued technology development efforts to further reduce their costs, standardise products, develop supply sources, and share best practices to accelerate their use in electricity generation, buildings and transport sectors."

A declaration issued after their meeting in Fukui, Japan, directs APEC to "advance energy security, improve energy efficiency and increase the clean energy supply in the APEC region."

The initiatives include a collaborative assessment of standards and testing to boost investment in energy efficient appliances, and a study to assess the potential for nuclear power to reduce carbon emissions in APEC countries.

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