80% of Americans Want Smart Device


"72% believe the way they use energy could hurt U.S. economic growth"

Seventy-nine percent of Americans said they would change their energy consumption habits because most of them (72%) believe the way they generate and use energy could hurt the nation's economic growth, according to a survey commissioned by GE. Sixty-three percent also said they would work with their power company to influence change in consumption habits.

The survey also reveals that 70% of Americans would prefer their power company to invest in current infrastructure to make it more efficient rather than build new power-generating facilities and believe these improvements to the grid would lead to economic growth opportunities.

Eighty-eight percent of Americans said they would be willing to use a smart device such as a meter, thermostat or appliance if it would help to better manage their energy use –the same number of people who think energy investments are necessary. Eighty-two percent of those willing to use these devices believe smart meters and smart appliances are the future.

Customers support a smart grid for several reasons: to save money (95%), increase control over their energy bills (90%), to make a difference for children or grandchildren (88%), help reduce the number of power outages (86%) and environmental concerns (85%).

The survey also finds that for consumers who don't embrace smart-grid technologies, 27% said they don't understand the benefits of smart meters or smart grids, and 10% are hesitant to accept it. The majority of these consumers are primarily concerned about a rise in costs (62%) and potential privacy and security risks (61%).

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