Platinum Thieves Clean Up Emissions


". . .platinum-made catalytic converters have been target of choice."

For the past three years—with platinum prices still sky high—platinum-made catalytic converters have been a smart car thief's target of choice. Located near the exhaust and generally worth about $300, catalytic converters are an easily accessible source of black-market platinum.

But these thefts are soon going to stop.

You see, the world's auto industry is currently switching away from platinum catalytic converters. They're integrating a much more useful metal: palladium.

Not only is it cheaper, but after the surging number of thefts, the auto industry wanted to make stealing these valuable devices nearly impossible.

So they started putting them closer to the engine, instead of near the end of the exhaust.

And get this. . .

It turns out that not only is palladium more capable to handle the intense heat coming right off the engine, but the location of the converter reduces greenhouse gas emissions even further.

The win-win situation has virtually every automaker in the world preparing to switch to palladium catalytic converters, as their contracts for platinum expire.

According to my friend and metals expert, Luke Burgess, the move is guaranteed to send palladium prices—and a few of the companies supplying the auto industry—soaring.

In fact, he just uncovered a unique way for you to actually use this recent switch to make money from every car, truck, van, or motorcycle built.

Click here for his most recent ground-breaking research report.

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