London's Black Cabs Go Green


A new eco version of the iconic black taxi has been unveiled.

The streets of London could be a greener place to be in the future as a new eco version of the iconic black taxi has been unveiled.

Revealed outside London's City Hall on Monday (June 7th), the cab operates using hydrogen fuel cells and lithium polymer batteries.

The combined power supply means that the taxi can run all day without needing to refuel, covering a range of 250 miles on a full tank of hydrogen. It is capable of travelling at up to 80 miles per hour and refuels in around five minutes.

Intelligent Energy, Lotus Engineering, LTI Vehicles and TRW Conekt all played a role in designing the vehicle.

Dr Henri Winand, chief executive officer at Intelligent Energy, said that the first fleet should be in the capital by 2012.

"This prototype Fuel Cell Black Cab, which emits only water from its tailpipe, is an exciting glimpse of how hydrogen technology could soon play a vital role in cleaning up air quality for urban dwellers," London's deputy mayor for policing, and chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, Kit Malthouse added.

The BBC reported recently that plans are also in place to install electric car charging points in a number of Yorkshire cities, if government funding is granted.

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