IAEA Urges Action on Nigeria's Nuclear Power Bid


"IAEA calls on Nigeria to re-double efforts to acquire nuclear capability"

The IAEA has called on Nigeria to re-double its effort to execute all necessary programs and projects that will enable the country to acquire nuclear capability as soon as possible.

The IAEA Country Program Officer for Nigeria, Mulugeta Amha, said while on a visit to the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC) that because Nigeria is the epicenter and the most populous country in Africa, the successful development and implementation of the nuclear power program will have a multiplier effect and a source of encouragement for other African countries.

Amha, who is on a one-week working visit to Nigeria to access the execution of the current Country Programme Frame (CPF) and Technical Cooperation (TC) between Nigeria and (IAEA), said despite these commitment, however, much needed to be done especially in expediting the release of counterpart funds by the government for the execution of the technical cooperation programs and projects.

A statement by NAEC Principal Information Officer Mr. Vincent said the IAEA chief had commended the government and people of Nigeria for the commitment towards the development and deployment of atomic energy for peaceful application in the socioeconomic development of the country.

Amha also called on the NAEC to ensure that counterpart organization benefiting from the country program framework (CPF) adhere strictly to the stipulated approved work plans and project design specifications, noting that any deviation from approved project designs and work plans would not synchronize with the records and schedules of the IAEA. He added that while the IAEA expects biennial country reports from NAEC as the national liaison office (NLO), NAEC should ensure that counterpart organization and institutions benefiting from technical cooperation (TC) project present quarterly progress reports and work plans.

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