1794 Silver Dollar Sells for Record $7,850,000


"If not the first U.S. silver dollar ever minted, [it] is first of ~150 still in existence."

What may be America's oldest silver dollar has become the world's most expensive coin, changing hands in a private transaction between coin collectors for nearly $8 million.

Steven L. Contursi, who has owned the mint-condition 1794 Liberty dollar for the past seven years, confirmed Thursday that he has sold it to the Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation of Sunnyvale for $7,850,000.

The previous record price paid for a coin was $7,590,000 for a U.S.-minted 1933 $20 gold piece, according to the American Numismatic Association.

Numismatics experts say the coin, if not the first U.S. silver dollar ever minted, is clearly the first of the approximately 150 still in existence.

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