Less Tax for Economic Turnaround


"I've come to realize that the mafia offers a far better deal than the I.R.S."

It's "tax week" in America. This week includes that infamous date of April 15th where the I.R.S. intrudes on our lives and tries to convince us (at gunpoint and threat of prison) that our money and property actually belongs to them. I've come to realize that the mafia offers a far better deal than the I.R.S. Let's look at the facts. The mob comes to a businessman (like me) and demands 10% for "protection." The rub of course is that the protection is from them. The government calls that extortion and will send a mobster to prison for 20 long years for that crime. Yet the same government comes to that same businessman, demands a 50% (or more) cut of his business and offers no protection whatsoever. I prefer the deal offered by the mafia.

I've got the plan. Let's institute a one-year "Income Tax Vacation" for the taxpayers of America. This would benefit in particular small business owners—who pay most of the taxes and create 75% (or more) of new jobs. If you let them keep 100% of their own money for one year, they will create the greatest economic turnaround in world history. They will invest it in stocks (driving up the market), bonds (driving down interest rates), real estate (ending the foreclosure crisis), starting new business and expanding old ones (creating millions of new jobs and producing millions in new tax revenue). They will invest in and revitalize America.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi (the Axis of Taxes) would say, "But where would we find the money?" Well Obama found the money for $1 trillion in stimulus. . .$1 trillion for universal healthcare. . .$13 trillion for bailouts. . .and billions more for earmarks and legal bribery (to gain the votes to pass all this obscene spending). Those programs have failed to reignite the economy because Obama doesn't understand simple economics. Small business is the economic engine of America; yet Obama wants to incentivize everyone in the country—except the taxpayers and small business owners who actually pay the bills. . .and create the jobs.

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