NNSA Announces New Contracting and Acquisition Strategy


". . .NNSA announces new acquisition strategy decision for key contracts."

After more than two years of review, the DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration today announced its new acquisition strategy decision for key contracts. Consistent with all Departmental and Federal contract competition policies, NNSA will conduct a competition resulting in a single contract for the management of the Y-12 National Security Complex and the Pantex Plant, with an option for the phase-in of Tritium Operations performed at the Savannah River Site.

NNSA also announced today that it is contemplating noncompetitively extending the contract for the management and operation of the Kansas City Plant, located in Kansas City, Missouri, for up to five years. Consistent with Federal regulations, NNSA is notifying industry regarding the agency's intent to noncompetitively extend the Kansas City Plant contract and NNSA is also seeking expressions of interest from industry regarding the consolidation competition. Formal synopses of these actions can be found on the FEDBIZOPPs website.

Finally, NNSA announced today it will be competitively awarding a new Integration, Management and Execution Construction Management Contract. This will allow NNSA's M&O contractors across the enterprise to provide greater focus on the Nuclear Security Enterprise mission work while enabling project planning and execution efforts to be performed by design and construction experts. It will lead to improved construction management and reduced costs at all of NNSA’s laboratories and production sites.

The IME Construction Management Contract(s) will provide the appropriate expertise, processes and systems in the management of all aspects of construction, including design development, procurement of materials and cost estimating. The new plant contracts will begin the implementation of this program within NNSA and be phased into other NNSA contracts. The M&O contractors will retain the nuclear/chemical safety authority for NNSA projects and facilities as well as their normal operating and maintenance responsibilities. In addition, the M&O contractors will be an instrumental part of the design development for each project and will have the responsibility to ensure that the design satisfies the designated design criteria.

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