Impact of Carbon Marketing on the Metals (Pt. 1)


"Could there be a largely untapped marketing opportunity for metals producers?"

Could there be a largely untapped marketing opportunity for metals producers? The world is moving toward a future in which consumers care about the carbon footprint of the products they buy and make purchase choices on that basis of that information. What I am suggesting is a world some years into the future where our opinions are influenced more profoundly by laws, marketing and environmental concern so much so we will be even more receptive to marketing messages from products suppliers who can show us their products were produced using less energy than their competitors.

Of course the uptake of such a message will be different in different parts of the world and among different societies. Western Europe, Japan, even parts of Asia are further down this road than North America. The willingness of Europe and Japan to adopt cap 'n trade in spite of the economic damage it will do is an illustration either of their willingness to make sacrifices in the interests of what they believe is right for the environment or of voter apathy. T

Whether you believe in global warming, an environmentally responsible thinker or a rampant gas guzzling nay-sayer is not really the issue. The world is gradually moving in a certain direction and our lives will increasingly be impacted by decisions made in the interests of the environment. As a result, we will all herd like the animals that we are, come to accept the imperative environmental factors into our consideration when making all kinds of decision from buying a new car to buying an electric toothbrush.

As this process gathers pace, those manufacturers and service providers will be able to measure, control and articulate the value proposition of their products in terms of carbon emissions; will create a competitive advantage for their products in the marketplace. It is no longer enough to say our product consumes less energy than our competitorówe will have to show that we are actively managing the energy used to make the product and are reducing it over time.

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