Silver Wound Dressing Launched into $15 Billion Global Market


". . .[dressings] allow a controlled and sustained release of silver into the wound"

British specialist technology company, Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS), which supplies the $15 billion global wound care market with advanced wound care dressings and tissue adhesives for wound closure has announced a new silver-containing dressing. This has already been launched in the U.S. and is being introduced into the European and other international markets this month.

Systagenix Wound Management, the marketing and distribution partner for AMS' fiber-based silver alginate technology, has expanded its existing anti-microbial wound dressings offering with the introduction of AMS's SILVERCEL Non-Adherent Hydro-Alginate Dressing.

The company notes that silver is widely recognized as a safe and effective broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent for infection control.

In 2003, AMS developed a range of wound dressings whereby silver fibers were incorporated into its proprietary calcium alginate technology, which allows a controlled and sustained release of silver into the wound without compromising the performance of the base alginate—a natural wound dressing derived from seaweed. The global silver alginate market is currently estimated at around $350 million and growing at 15% per annum.

The new wound dressing should have application in the military market as well as for accident applications and demonstrates the growing usage for silver in medical applications. Such medical usage is one of the growing new markets for silver, and while it may take a long time to replace the losses from the switchover to digital from film in the photographic sector, it is becoming a significant market for the sector.

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