Jim Rogers: Gold to Zoom $2000, Crude $150$200


". . .the precious metal will top $2,000 in a decade."

When the commodity guru speaks, naturally the world listens. No wonder he continues to be the most quoted person on equities and commodities while his books continue to awe the readers with his charm, wit and observation on markets and investing.

Here are his recent takes on major commodities:

Commodities: The boom is not yet over, bull market has several years to go.

Gold: No bullish view as fundamentals not supportive. But the precious metal will top $2,000 in a decade. Gold will surpass its inflation-adjusted all-time high of more than $2,300 an ounce, Rogers said, according to a Bloomberg report. He said that the timing will depend on many factors, including global politics.

Crude oil: Could touch $150 to $200 as known reserves decline and crude oil will run out in 1520 years, "unless something happens."

Natural Gas: Is very cheap now.

Sugar Futures: Is at a 28-1/2 year high, could go higher in a decade.

Silver and Palladium: Bullish view. Silver is still 70% below its all-time high," while palladium, standing at around $310 an ounce, is also much lower than its high above $1,000 an ounce hit in early 2001. Rogers said he owns all four major precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Currencies: Apart from dollar, Jim Rogers owns currencies such as the Japanese yen and the Singapore dollar and agriculture commodities such as sugar. He described dollar as a "flawed currency."

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