Gold's Record Monthly Close: Technically Significant


"It is the highest monthly close in history in U.S. dollar terms. . ."

Gold: Gold is down slightly this morning but still continuing to knock on the door and consolidating near the psychological $1,000/oz mark. The gold market will probably be relatively quiet until the release of U.S. non-farm payroll data this afternoon. Depending on the figures, which are expected to be quite poor, an aversion to risk should further bolster gold's appeal. Gold's record monthly close (COMEX close at $1,008/oz) was significant from a technical perspective and will embolden the bulls again. It is the highest monthly close in history in U.S. dollar terms (the monthly close in January 1980 was only $668/oz - London PM Fix).

Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke's comments regarding the risks posed by China and Russia's proposal for a new global super currency may weigh on the dollar. He said that "it would weaken the dollar, and we would have to watch for any inflationary consequences of that." Meanwhile, European Central Bank head, Jean Claude Trichet warned that large currency fluctuations could derail economic revival. He warned that "excessive volatility" and "disorderly movement in exchange rates" would have "adverse implications for economic and financial stability."

Silver: Silver is currently trading at $16.29/oz.

Platinum Group Metals: Platinum is currently $1,275, palladium is $289/oz and rhodium is $1,575/$1,675/oz.

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