Things to Look for When Gold Is Making Its Ultimate Top


"Jim Sinclair is chosen 'Man of the Year' by Time magazine"

  • Bill Murphy, minus any censoring, is a regular guest on CNBC
  • Barron's has an issue with two articles on gold
  • A CNBC host is heard recommending gold
  • The New York Times runs a major front page headline highlighting the price of gold and its price chart
  • Jim Sinclair is chosen "Man of the Year" by Time magazine
  • Gold is the lead item on the national news every night for a week
  • Your local jewelry store takes down its Cash For Gold sign and replaces it with "We Sell Gold"
  • In a recent poll, Yale and Princeton grads reveal that their top career choice is to start a gold exploration company
  • Goldman Krupp, correction, "Sachs," changes its name to Gold and Silver Sachs
  • An enterprising young Gold and Silver Sachs executive comes up with an idea of franchising gold coin shops
  • Brokerage houses and banks fire their financial analysts and frantically start gold research departments to cash in on gold mania
  • All mainstream gold forecasters raise their gold price target by $500 for the year
  • The Donald builds a series of "Trump Oros" in the Sierra Madres for Mexican miners
  • A remake of the movie Goldfinger features Sean Connery's grandson as Bond and Jon Nadler as Auric Goldfinger. This time, the villain gets away with the gold and Bond is accused of the theft. Goldfinger is actually filmed inside Fort Knox, which, since it was discovered to be empty of gold, becomes the world's largest production set. As an aside, the guards at Fort Knox were falsely accused of the gold theft but convicted anyway in a secret trial. During their defense, the guards claimed that there hadn't been any gold there for over 30 years.

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