Romania Wants to Buy Uranium from Kazakhstan


"Kazakhstan has almost 20% of uranium reserves worldwide"

Romania wants long-term contracts for uranium in Kazakhstan needed for the operation of two future nuclear reactors.

Economy Ministry State Secretary Tudor Serban said today (Tues): "The proposal met with a positive reaction. Talks will continue."

Serban added the uranium to be bought from Kazakhstan would be enriched in Romania and used for electricity production at nuclear reactors 3 and 4 of the country's sole nuclear plant in Cernavoda. It currently has two reactors of 700 megawatts each that provide around 18% of Romania's electricity needs.

The two reactors are scheduled to become operational by 20152016 after estimated investment of four billion Euros.

Serban was part of a Romanian delegation that visited Kazakhstan last week.

Kazakhstan has almost 20% of uranium reserves worldwide and aims at becoming the largest international producer by 2010.

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