SA Gold, Coal Companies Expect Unions to Sign Wage Agreements


". . .I think it is a win-win situation."

South Africa's Chamber of Mines said on Monday that there was a "good possibility" that wage agreements would be reached in the gold and coal mining sectors on Tuesday.

Trade union Solidarity spokesperson Reint Dykema confirmed that it would sign the coal and gold wage agreements.

Gold companies made a final offer of a 9% increase for miners, artisans and officials and a 10% increase for category four to eight employees for 2009. Employers have also offered a consumer price index (CPI), plus a 1% increase for employees for the second year of the wage agreement.

Employees in the coal-mining sector have also been presented with a final wage increase offer of between 9% and 10% and would be entitled to an increase of the average CPI plus 1%, with a guaranteed increase of 7.5%.

"We are happy with the increase. It is a CPI plus one, which is better than the CPI that was offered. And we have received a double-figure raise for the largest part of the workforce, so I think it is a win-win situation," Dykema said in an interview.

Trade unions threatened earlier this month that their members would go on strike, saying that the wage negotiations were dragging on too long.

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