Gold as Insurance


". . .gold is still very early in a generational bull market."

To many investors and even professionals, buying gold is like traveling to Myanmar or northern Pakistan: Few dare to venture there. The truth is, to our Ivy League and Keynesian educated financial community, gold is viewed as a superstitious relic.

I don't seek to persuade you to sell everything you own, put it all into gold and gold shares, and then buy guns and ammo before retreating to a barricaded cabin in the Ozarks. Instead, I hope to try to make you understand that gold investments come in different sizes and shapes, with varying degrees of risk and reward.

I believe that in spite of a huge move since 2001, gold is still very early in a generational bull market. Bob Hoye, one of the most astute market analysts around, believes it will last for 15-20 years. That gives us 7 to 12 more years to ride it. Remember, the recent bull market in stocks lasted almost 18 years. The gold fundamentals continue to get more and more compelling, and technically gold is rapidly approaching an amazing liftoff stage.

But, if things hit the proverbial fan, gold, like a comprehensive car or property policy, will bail you out, or at least greatly help you in your time of need. Don't you think that those who really got rocked after 2000 wish they had bought some gold insurance instead of gambling it in those supposedly safe places?

Without going into great detail, there are several ways to buy the insurance. I don't want to pose as an expert in these areas, but they are simple to buy: coins or some other small amounts in bars, or through the various ETFs or gold funds. Personally, I would start with coins purchased through one of the reputable online dealers, or if you have a coin store nearby that others can recommend, that would be okay. Given my expectations for the future, I am not comfortable with owning gold through a paper deed, especially if there is no formal audit procedure to verify your share. This may ultimately prove to be an important concern.

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