China Imports 475,999 Tons of Copper in June


"It seems there is no end to China's appetite for copper."

It seems there is no end to China's appetite for copper. According to the new data released by China, the country has imported 475,999 tons of unwrought copper and semi-finished copper products in June, compared with 422,666 tons in May.

The import volume increased by 174% year on year in June and set another new record. However, China imported 280,000 tons of copper scrap in June, 50,000 tons less than a month earlier.

In the first six months of this year, China's imports of copper scrap fell 39.8% from 3.22 million tons in the corresponding period of 2008. The imports of copper scrap included copper raw materials and copper rods.

The decreasing scrap import was caused by the shrinkage in the overall supply of copper amid the global financial crisis and by the decreasing prices of refined copper relative to copper scrap.

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