Gold and Silver Coin Shortages Again


"While shortages are developing in retail gold and silver coins there appears to be no shortage of LBMA delivery bars."

What is price? Sure it is the 'amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.' But even that definition is too broad as it begs the question of expected or required by whom? Value, utility and price are all subject to individual human action and, therefore, the price of something is primordially chaotic.

Often the price of gold is quoted in various places and this single price, usually called the spot price, is supposed to represent the value billions of humans have for the ancient metal. But really this pricing mechanism is only an illusion of solidarity.

Some irrational individuals drift in a derivative illusion believing the U.S. still has some wealth stored in Fort Knox for a rainy day despite its trillions of debt. But as Harvard-trained attorney Robert Landis asserts, "Any rational person who continues to dispute the existence of the rig after exposure to the evidence is either in denial or is complicit."

After a brief review of some reputable gold and silver coin dealers, I found plenty of inventory; but some shortages have begun to develop. Hopefully this will not repeat what happened last fall.

There is a difference between retail bullion like gold and silver coins and wholesale bullion, such as COMEX or LBMA bars.

I am unaware of any gold or silver LBMA bar shortages with either GoldMoney or anyone else like the problematic GLD ETF which, under its prospectus, is not required to hold gold.

What is considered the price is really just a price. While shortages are developing in retail gold and silver coins there appears to be no shortage of LBMA delivery bars.

Consequently, if you consider how to buy gold or silver then follow Cash4Gold's example and settle only for the physical metal either delivered or available for delivery at any time. When the time comes to sell gold or silver because it gets expensive, then avoid firms of ill repute like Cash4Gold (which has 269 complaints nationwide with the Better Business Bureau).

If the retail shortage intensifies, then premiums will likely rise. But if you sell your precious gold or silver bullion, the ultimate insurance, then what will you buy?

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