The Great Bull Run of Gold Towards $1,650


"It is apparent to me that the shorts are getting very itchy to cover."

A major criterion for the most significant move in gold, called a Golden Pillar, is the demise of the long bond. This is why you must understand that hyperinflation is a product of a currency event that occurs in the midst of the worst of business conditions. The event is locked in and loaded by quantitative easing.

The first window in time for this event is the early 4th quarter of 2009. When it starts it runs quite quickly. Within 12 to 18 months from the initial rumblings hyperinflation consumes the currency.

The first rumblings are here and now below .8200 on the USDX. Below .7200 and you will be looking back at $1,224 as gold runs towards $1,650.

This is definitely on its way. The commercial interests are still not ready for this. For the commercial interest to either miss this move or be buried by it is a reach. It could happen, but is unlikely to happen without a fight. We will be watching closely to call it for you.

In truth the best possible action would be for gold to decline from some level into the third week of this month and then launch forward. However, to those utilizing gold to insure their standard of living and life it makes no difference at all. The reason for that is gold is going to $1,650 and then on to Alf's numbers.

The goons are now making fools out of themselves in gold equities. The gold share hit yesterday was GRANDSTANDING in an attempt to shake out stock for a cover. It is apparent to me that the shorts are getting very itchy to cover. That is what dirty tricks are all and only about.

I really can't understand why anyone wants to trade here or try to market time here. It is so obvious to the trained eye that the train is pulling out of the station for biggest move so far in gold. Stop trying to time everything to the minute. You want a full positionódo it and do it now.

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