Next Stop for Silver: $20 per Ounce


"It's not too late for you to get in."

Mark my words: Silver is going over $20 per ounce! Currently, silver is trading around $15 per ounce, up 40% already in 2009.

I first recommended that Investor's Daily Edge readers buy the silver ETF (SLV) on February 5th. I hope you followed my suggestion. SLV is up over 23% since then.

It's not too late for you to get in. The white metal and its tracking shares are still a great buy.

Silver is a precious metal so it does great when people get worried about the market, inflation and geopolitical risk. Monetary inflation is already here. It is only a matter of time before price and asset inflation arrives, as well. Silver is a hard asset that holds it value in inflationary times and will maintain its purchasing power.

Silver is also an industrial metal, therefore it goes up when global manufacturing activity picks up and should do quite well when we finally emerge from this economic crisis.

Silver is also in short supply and has limited above-ground stockpiles that are being depleted. Demand exceeds supply so prices for silver should continue higher. Finally, silver is in a technical uptrend.

You can buy silver bars or buy silver coins like American Silver Eagle bullion coins or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Physical silver can be stored in a home safe or in a secure hidden location that only you and another trusted person know about.

The Silver Exchange-Traded Fund (SLV) represents an easy way to invest in silver. This ETF is very liquid and cost effective.

Silver can quickly blast above $20 per ounce or more. Make sure you own some.

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