Deflation Fears 'Have Helped Gold to Dominate'


". . .the precious metal. . .has 'dominated' the 21st century."

Gold has been the best-performing asset of the current decade, an expert has claimed.

Writing for GoldSeek, Adrian Ash stated that the precious metal, which has become one of the "most reliable" forms of storing wealth since the 1970s, has "dominated" the 21st century.

He said that fears of deflation have helped drive sales of gold, with last year seeing demand rise on the news that many U.S. and European central banks were to introduce quantitative easing.

Mr. Ash added that the metal has remained a "fringe" asset class for many advisors due to the relatively small amount of good information regarding when to buy and sell.

However, he noted that trading is now "much simpler and safer" than it may have been in the past.

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