Saskatchewan to Consider Nuclear Power


". . .Kazakhstan will overtake Saskatchewan as the world's largest producer this year - and that Australia could overtake it next year."

The Uranium Development Partnership panel (UPD), developed last October by Saskatchewan’s provincial ministers Lyle Stewart and Ken Cheveldayoff, has released their report entitled Capturing the Full Potential of the Uranium Value Chain in Saskatchewan. The 136-page report was compiled by a 12-member panel who was asked by the Saskatchewan government to make specific recommendations on how to develop the province’s uranium industry.

The panel included CEOs from the nuclear industry, nuclear science experts, labor and First Nations representatives, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, and was chaired by University of Saskatchewan VP of Finance Richard Florizone.

"We believe great potential exists for the province of Saskatchewan in the uranium and nuclear industries," said Florizone. "We have identified where we believe those opportunities lie and what it would take to successfully realize them. We have also identified efforts that the partnership believes should not be pursued in the foreseeable future."

Obviously, the provincial government’s main motivation for creating this panel was to get proactive about maintaining its position as the world-leader in uranium production. Currently, Saskatchewan is the largest uranium-producing region on the planet with an output of over 11 million kilograms of ore per year, or 30% of annual world production.

But, other regions are making headway towards bouncing the province from its throne. "Forecasts indicate that Kazakhstan will overtake Saskatchewan as the world’s largest producer this year - and that Australia could overtake it next year," said the report. UPD advised encouraging more uranium exploration in the province to increase its resources and future output.

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