Gold Will 'Outperform Them All' in the Long Term


"In a future where every currency is competitively devaluing. . .gold will outperform them all."

The editor of a respected gold-related newsletter expressed his confidence on Friday (March 20th) that the yellow metal will prove to be a sound long-term investment, reports.

Some market commentators have expressed their confusion over why gold prices have not rocketed past last year's all-time high of $1,030 per ounce, despite a raft of depressing economic news.

However, Brien Lundin, editor of the Gold Newsletter, has explained that investing in gold will give its rewards as it will continue to outperform other assets in the months and years to come.

He told the news provider: "In a future where every currency is competitively devaluing, where everyone is racing for the bottom of the hill, gold will outperform them all. The stock of every national currency will multiply in size, driving the relative value of tangible assets - primarily gold - much higher."

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