Gold Is Ready To Go Very High Very Fast


"Do not be surprised to see $50, $100 and more up days, should key levels be broken."

It appears that gold is ready to go very high very fast, as measured in all currencies of the world. It seems that gold is in the process of completing the mega cup and handle pattern that started to form in 1980 when gold was at about US$850. The interesting part is the fact that it seems that we are in the final phase, which should take us to about US$1,300 (about R 14 000) and eventually to about US $1,700 (about R 18 760) in a very short time relative to the 29 years since 1980. Do not be surprised to see $50, $100 and more up days, should key levels be broken.

The correction to about US$900 (and so far reversal to US$939) was the confirmation that the pattern is still very much on course. It seems that all major corrections, as is the nature of this pattern, are now completed. It now needs to get up to US$1,000 and just above in a short period (with very brief minor corrections on the way there.

During the correction, it was an opportune time to remind myself of why I am storing my wealth in gold and silver. Gold and silver is money and money is gold and silver, and money (real, not paper) is the safest and most consistent store of wealth over long periods of time and is especially important during times of uncertainty.

Paper money, bonds and other promises to pay are all subject to possible default, and during these times, default is a very common occurrence. Real assets are not subject to default, and gold and silver are real assets that you can hold in your hand, and are financially liquid (liquidity is even more essential during such times).

During inflationary times, you are at risk because, though you might get the promised payment, by the time you get it, it has lost a lot of its value and basically all of its value during hyperinflation.

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