U.S. Mining Metals, Materials Produced $1.8 Trillion in Products in 2007


"Policymakers need to look no further than American coal, minerals and metals mining to find jobs that support families. . ."

A report distributed by the National Mining Association Thursday found that U.S. mining transformed metals and minerals into $98.4 billion of finished mineral, metal and fuel resources, which were used to produced $1.8 trillion of value-added products in 2007.

The Economic Contributions of U.S. Mining in 2007, by Moore Economics found U.S. mining payroll totaled more than $22 billion in 2007, generating total payroll of $64.6 billion and $21.6 billion in personal income and payroll taxes through the economy.

U.S. mines produced $25 billion worth of metal ores in 2008. Domestic mining exported $11.4 billion worth of minerals to other nations.

An estimated 376,310 workers were employed at U.S. mines in 2007 of which contract employees represented 28.2%, the study found. The annual wage in U.S. mining averaged nearly $59,000 in 2007, which was 33% higher than the combined average annual wage for all industrial categories. Total compensation including benefits averaged $72,300 per worker.

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