The Life Rafts of Gold and Silver


"Buy gold. After all, it was yours and still for only a short while, it is being subsidized by your government. . ."

The price of gold and silver has now made significant moves towards its previous highs, gold pushing above $900 and silver above $12. But there remains much volatility between now and their ultimate ascent - an ascent guaranteed by the accelerating debasement of fiat paper currencies as governments attempt to shock their moribund economies into life with unlimited amounts of fiat money and credit.

Whether gold and silver's recent moves are a portent of more shortly to come, or if they will be met again with renewed resistance from central banks remains to be seen. Either way, rest assured that the battle between the paper boys of Wall Street, the power brokers of Washington DC and the free market is still in progress.

Wall Street may be but a badly damaged shadow of its recent past but its co-conspirators in manipulating the markets (the central bankers and their enablers in government) are still committed to maintaining their fiefdoms no matter how high the cost - as long as those costs are born by the taxpayers.

Someday in the future, however, gold and silver will triumph despite the best efforts of central bankers and government manipulators to prevent it.

For central bankers and those in government are up against the market itself and, no matter how much paper they have at their disposal, their supplies of gold are limited. Each ounce bought takes another ounce out of the arsenal governments use to suppress gold's price, an arsenal comprised of our central banks.

Buy gold. After all, it was yours and still for only a short while, it is being subsidized by your government as it continues its fight against your interests and a free market unfettered by bankers' credit.

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