$2,320 Gold Could Rebuild Your Retirement


"A gold super-bull-run has been set in motion."

Is it just me or do you feel like you've been beamed back to the late 1970s, too? Look at what's happening right now. . .
  • The global economy is tanking fast thanks to government and central bank mismanagement
  • Billions have been wiped off the value of world stock markets as economies deteriorate
  • The world is on the brink of an energy crisis as volatile states control dwindling supplies
  • Paper currencies are losing value by the day as supply increases to bail out ailing industries
  • Seemingly limitless government borrowing threatens spiraling Inflation and higher taxes
Investors who know their history are starting, once again, to pile into gold. They know that in the last few years of the 1970s, the gold mining sector featured quadruple-digit share price gains as gold roared into the stratosphere. With the same economic conditions prevailing now, it's not a massive leap to see the same happening again.

Bottom line: we could see $844 gold turn into $2,320 gold within the next 12 months! Talk about getting your retirement plans back on track. Scarce, precious metals like gold became the single-hottest investments on the planet. And they will again. Will YOUR money be on the right side of this curve? If you want it to be, you may not have long to act. A gold super-bull-run has been set in motion. And the interesting thing is that it hasn't affected prices yet!

In the late 1970s, inflation was eroding the value of cash and savings at over 10% per year. So investors swapped their paper currency for precious metals. Enough people adopted this strategy that it sent gold prices up over 200% in a year. It capped an incredible five-year run for gold prices.

An increase in the money supply almost invariably leads to price inflation. Each new unit of currency makes each existing unit worth incrementally less. When an ordinary investor catches on to this, he begins to spend his money more quickly before it loses value. He trades paper losing value for things that don't.

Investors are now turning to gold as a hedge against what they see as a coming inflationary firestorm. That's the key requirement for a 'gold mania'. And the gold mania is the fastest, hardest, last leg in a precious metals boom. It's the period of a super bubble, which can soar higher and last longer than most people expect. The biggest gains in gold are yet to come. In time, more people will figure it outóbut by then, the price may have already movedóand those "early adopter" gains will be all but gone.

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