Anything Electricity Related Should Be a Hot Commodity to Trade


“Uranium should remain hot as the global push for more nuclear power plants continues to grow and the U.S. joins in.”

Best known as an oil trader, energy commodity analyst Phil Flynn, of Alaron Energies, said in an interview that if electric cars catch on, “anything electricity related” should be a hot commodity to trade.

As other experts have also noted, Flynn believes that over and above any increase in power demand caused by electric cars, nuclear power should prosper as the world desperately seeks more baseload electricity generated without creating carbon dioxide emissions.

Asia is experiencing exponential growth in the area of (nuclear) power plants being built, but this is also occurring worldwide. . . .The majority of these (new) plants have yet to secure a long-term supply, which indicates that they will have to pay market prices as they near completion.

Because nuclear power is as heavily politicized as oil, trading uranium can be “walking on the wild side.” Currently, most commodities are still doing a swan dive; but, according to news reports, uranium has been rising as producers curb production and utilities buy in anticipation of prices rising even higher.

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