Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Price Forecasts For 2007


According to, Ross Norman of the is universally bullish on the precious metals prices again this year...

...Mineweb is showing here the precious metals price forecasts, and reasoning, for 2007 from Ross Norman of precious metals website for this yearís London Bullion Market Association annual competition. Last year Norman was the winner in the LBMA competition gold price category and runner up for the other three precious metals. Over the past five years he has claimed two firsts, a second and a third in a field which includes leading bullion analysts from the global precious metals market, including Mineweb correspondent Rhona OíConnell.

Norman is universally bullish on precious metals prices again this year following good runs in the previous few years.

ROSS NORMANíS 2007 FORECASTS AND REASONING: Gold - High $850.00. Low $580. Average $716.

"We remain manifestly bullish for gold. Over the last five years gold has notched up a successive 23%, 25%, 5%, 20% and now a 23% rise; for 2007 we expect the gold price to rise by a comparatively modest 18% to an average of $716, with a possible spike to an all time record high of $850..."

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