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ME2C® provides proven, patented emissions control technology along with expertise, insight, and innovation to the global energy sector - helping coal-fired utilities and other energy providers optimize operations, meet compliance regulations, and reduce costs in the area of mercury emissions control. The patented SEA®, or Sorbent Enhancement Additive, process is the culmination of over $60M of research and development and has been established as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for mercury emissions capture. ME2C began early commercialization of its patented SEA® technology in 2010 and currently works with dozens of major coal-fired utilities across North America to provide a highly effective mercury capture solution. The SEA approach to mercury capture is currently in use by more than 40% of the U.S. coal-fired utility fleet. The development and perfecting of these core technologies continue with improvements introduced each year to meet the industry's evolving challenges. The company strives to continue leading the industry with new sorbent technologies to address the environmental concerns faced by the energy sector.

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Research Report
The firm is expected to return to profitability this year, noted a Zacks Small-Cap Research report.

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Technical analyst Clive Maund takes another glance at ME2C Environmental as it broke out earlier this week.

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Coal Power Increases Position ME2C Environmental's Mercury Emissions Technologies for Continued Growth

With coal prices increasing, social pressure for alternative fuels is ramping up. However, one company may have found a way to have it both ways. Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. has found a way to reduce the mercury emissions from coal. The company reported an "exciting growth period" in 2022 and anticipated 50% year-over-year growth. Read to learn more about what this company does, where it is headed, and why one analyst said this energy company was positioned to accelerate.
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Pollution Control Firm on Course for Revenue, Profit Growth

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Analyst coverage was initiated on this company, revenue of which is expected to increase by at least 50% in 2023, noted a Zacks Small-Cap Research report.

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headshot of David Banister
David Banister, Analyst – The Market Analyst
Clive Maund –
Steven Ralston, Analyst, CFA – Zacks Small-Cap Research

Company News 

4/24/2023 – ME2C Environmental Receives Conditional Approval to List on an International Stock Market, Adds Toronto-Based CFO

4/18/2023 – ME2C Environmental Announces New Three-Year Supply Business Estimated up to $3M Annually

4/17/2023 – ME2C Environmental Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Results, Achieves 66% Revenue Growth YoY

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ME2C Environmental (MEEC:OTCQB)

*Share Structure as of 4/26/2023
Investing Highlights
Stock currently trading at 1.5X lower than expected valuation
Opportunity for massive, one-time gain – or potential lawsuit win in November 2023
Potential listing to major exchanges underway providing pathway to grow international shareholder ba
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Full year guidance for 2023 to be announced
Potential for additional settlements with defendants in advance of mid-November 2023 court date
Additional licensing and/or supply contract wins to be announced
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